I am Jill Iliffe, I studied Fine Art and achieved an MA in Drawing in 2009, however I have now discovered my absolute love of making pieces for the home in glass. Each piece is individual and made by hand, then fused in my kiln in my studio. I love mid-20th century and Scandinavian design, which you can see in my pieces. I also like to make beautiful glass pieces that catch the light and make wonderful centrepieces. Sometimes I like to break out into colour. You will see all of this in my galleries.
Each item is made by hand and is unique. Some styles can be replicated but you can be sure that any item that you purchase will be individual to you. If you see anything that is sold that you would like, just contact me via the contact page and I will do my very best to make another piece that you will love.

Please note that the nature of art glass items means that there will be textures, some beautiful small bubbles and some slightly uneven edges. This is part of the beauty of handmade - the only machine involved is the glass kiln!